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“I think the point of life is just trying to improve. Do something. Get inspired to do something and then try to do it better.”

-Ashton Eaton, US 2016 Gold Medal Winner in Decathlon

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Rose Group meetings are Tues 8p in WEL 4.308

Sub-group mtgs (Solar Fuels / Hydrogenase) are Fridays at 1:30/2p in WEL 4.308

Heavy Atom | Fe-carbide sub-group is 11a in WEL library conf room

Postdoc Positions:
none available at this time

Interested Graduate Students:
please contact Prof Rose, and apply to UT Austin!

Interested Undergraduates:
Solar-Semiconductor-Electrochemistry and In/Organic Synthetic positions

Events & Posts

8/10/16  Yae In and Meredith’s paper on Magnetism of Co-F-Co Dimers published in Dalton Transactions — check it out here






8/1/16  A bit overdue, but Welcome to the Group!, a new crop of undergrads to keep pushing our science forward!   James, Clarisse, Ben, Isha and Dan!





7/15/16  Mike receives 2016 Cottrell Scholar Award, and presents Heavy Atom Ligation research and ‘Undergraduate Outreach Corps’ plan at the RCSA conference in Tucson


6/17/16  Mike presents poster on Iron-Carbide-Sulfur chemistry at Metallocofactors GRC.  An awesome meeting —  Hydrogenase, Nitrogenase and more!

5/20/16  Congrats to our graduating class of Undergrad Researchers:  Meredith, Beth and David!   On to your next challenge!








5/15/16  Congrats to our undergrad Doran the Explorer who will head to Caltech for a summer REU with Harry Gray!

doran the explorer






5/10/16   Taylor publishes a nice paper in IC on Anthracene-scaffold supported Manganese Carbonyls!






5/6/16  Congrats to Owen on ChemComm paper accepted!  Group’s first paper on GaP|catalyst assembly for CO2 reduction







3/25/16  Hark Jin and Dan Redman (Stevenson group) co-author collaborative paper on MoS2 photodeposition and HER on Si-R functionalized photocathodes







3/24/16  Congrats to Liam on the group’s first Antimony paper!  Let the reign of Sb commence!   A neat Sb-Cu Cube with NIR Luminescence






3/15/16  We welcome new UG Dan Ceglia to the group!


1/7/16  Ring in the New Year with Hark Jin and Jun’s Si|AZO|PNP-Ni paper in ACS Appl Mater Interface!







10/23/15  Congrats to Taylor on the ICC paper!  First paper implementing our Anthracene scaffold


10/23/15  better late than never…… we welcome UGs Stephanea & Eileen, as well as new grad Joey to the group — welcome!

IMG_1156 IMG_1159







9/25/15  Congrats to GDP and Sam — nice paper on Fe-Hydride in Inorg Chem





9/15/16  Grad students Dylan and Joey officially join up — welcome!









8/22/2015  Girlstart Outreach Program a Resounding Success!
H2fromH2O brought water splitting to over 300 middle school girls and encouraged STEM education!

Girls start 2

Girls start 1













7/25/2015  1st Annual Summer Fun Picture










7/7/2015   Congrats to Feng & Tori on their paper in Langmuir!
the wires for ET are now a reality…..






5/22/2015  Congrats to our graduating Undergrads!  Tori, Azim, Truc, Kenny, Luc and Chase








5/22/2015  Congrats to Jun & Ryan on their ChemComm paper:  Functional Ni-PNP H2 catalyst attached to Si photoelectrode! Link or click TOC Graphic






4/8/2015    Congrats to Owen, and Hark Jin + Kara on their Dalton and ACS Appl Mat Intfc papers (respectively).  Click on TOC below….

Si-Al2O3-Pt_TOCHark Jin’s Appl Intfc Mat





Owen’s Dalton





3/14/2015   Spring Break!  Inorganic Kickball Saturday!  Fun times….














3/24/2015   Group members attend Denver ACS — nice posters guys!
Watch out for Denver’s Big Blue Bear ? !










3/19/2015  Congrats to Keren on the Hydrogenase paper in EJIC







2/25/2015  Congrats to Jun, Harkjin and Ryan on their new JACS paper!
A nice mix of surface, organic and materials chemistry mixed with photoelectrochem and Energy!






12/10/2014  Welcome new UG Beth to the Group — You’re official !







11/21/2014  Rose Group UGs present posters at Southwest Regional ACS in Ft Worth.
Great job guys!








10/28/14  Congrats to Feng and Tori on their Si(111) Steric Spacing paper in ACS Appl Mat & Interface






10/24/14  Check out Jun and Azim’s new paper in Comments in Inorganic Chemistry






10/15/14  Welcome new grad student Felicia to the Group, SC/Wires project







7/1/14  Welcome to a new crop of Grads: Patrick, Spencer and REU Chris is back!

patrick_public_pic (533x800)spencer_public_pic (533x800)chrisjo_public_pic (533x800)





6/2/14  Welcome new Summer REU, Dylan (Allegheny College) and UG Meredith (UT)

dylan_public_pic (533x800)meredith_new2014_public_pic (533x800)






5/3/14  Congratulations to the group’s first Graduating UG’s: Simone, Kara, David, Tim
Congrats to former members Bryan & Christian, too!
Undergrads-graduating-20144/29/14  Simone’s Mn-carbonyl paper accepted to Dalton — Congrats
Mn-CO_NNS_TOC_Corrected3/10/14  Our new postdoc, Kuppu, joins the group — Welcome
Kuppu2/14/14  UG Kara receives Semiconductor Research Corporation scholarship

2/1/14  Welcome to our new Postdoc, Hark Jin, to the Solar Fuels project
Hark-Jin_crop1/26/14  Mike presents poster at Metals in Biology Gordon Conference

1/20/14  Mike presents poster at Solar Fuels Gordon Conference

1/10/14  New batch of Undergrads for the New Year: Azim, Meredith, Chase, Luc, Truc
Hannah-007 - Version 2luc_public_pic Fun Pic 2truc_public_pic Chase_public_pic 



12/10/13 Congrats to Kara! Top 4 in the Chem Eng undergrad poster session

11/6/13  Yae In’s Cobalt Peroxo Paper accepted to Inorg Chem (group’s 1st paper!)
Co-Peroxo_Cats-Cradle11/5/13  It’s official: grad student Liam joins the group
Liam_Public_Pic - Crop11/5/13  Prof Rose receives Dreyfus Foundation award to develop and expand the
H2fromH2O project

9/4/13  Welcome to 2 more new Grads: Sohini and Samuel



8/1/13  Say hi to our new postdoc! Junhyeok from Brown U
Jun_website_crop7/2/13  Welcome to our 2 new Grad students: Ryan and Taylor




7/1/13  The renovated main lab is open!



6/3/13  Welcome to our new crop of undergrads: Tim, Tori & Kenny and REU Chris



5/31/13  Welcome to our new postdoc, Feng Li, to work on the Solar Fuels project
Feng_website-25/27/13  Prof Rose receives ORAU Junior Faculty Award to support synthetic modeling of mono-[Fe] Hydrogenase

5/25/13  Prof Rose selected for Office of Naval Research Young Investigator Award to support Hybrid Molecular/Materials Semiconductor Solar Fuels project

5/21/13  Rose group receives ACS/PRF grant to explore role of heavy atom ligation in

4/1/13  Kara and David (UG’s) join the group

3/8/13   Our new postdoc GDP arrives
GDP_website2/25/13  Owen joins the group! dual citizenship with Cowley group

2/19/13  Congrats Simone on receiving a UT Undergraduate Research Fellowship (URF)

2/11/13  Potentiostats are up and running

1/23/13  Mike attends & presents poster at Metals in Biology Gordon Conference

12/12/12 Glovebox #1 up and running

11/05/12 Mike gives invited talk at Southwest Regional ACS

10/11/12 First crystal structure!

9/26/12   Welcome UGs Bryan and Christian

9/12/12   Welcome to the group to our first undergrad: Simone

9/06/12   First reactions!

9/05/12   We welcome Yae In and Keren to the Group!

9/01/12   Let the great experiment begin!




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