Past Quotes

“Do or do not. There is no try.”
(original post date, 6/1/17)

“New ideas are the natural-born enemy of the way things are.”
-GE Commercial, 2016
(original post date, 3/1/17)

on the importance of being focused:
“….on to Seattle”
-Bill Belichick, NE Patriots Head Coach
Video (FF to 1:05): Youtube
(original post date, 12/1/16)

“Just keep going, man.”
Dan “Danthracene” Ceglio
Rose Group Undergrad
(original post date, 11/1/16)


“Work, work, work, work, work.”
(original post date, 10/1/16)


“Effort counts twice”
-Angela Duckworth, Grit
(original post date, 9/14/16)


“I think the point of life is just trying to improve. Do something. Get inspired to do something and then try to do it better.”
-Ashton Eaton, US 2016 Gold Medal Winner in Decathlon
(original post date, 9/1/16)


“Destroy the Impossible”
-Reinhold Messner
(original post date, 8/25/16)


“Let the Great Experiment begin!”
-Tobias Funke, Arrested Development
(original post date, 9/1/12)